Business Travel

The accumulative experiences gained in serving business, individual and corporate travellers, through our regional and global network of partners, have been targeted to the benefit of our clientele hence resulting in the formation of our GOLDEN FORMULA:

Travel With Convenience


We are committed to service our clients with seriousness and attention to details, implementing our agreements to the point.

The statements and tributes made by our past and existing clients have given us the additional responsibility of serving our existing and prospective clients on the same level.

The satisfaction of our clients are summarized in these statements:

James Smith, ITT

From the time of our very early dealings, it was evident that you were a true professional, dedicated to the principles of excellent service in the difficult travel business. Starting on the very first day of contract performance, you have done exactly what you promised in your initial proposal.

Charles Klein, Equate

You are a first class act in Kuwait.